Conditioning Options

Inline Flow Conditioning Screen & Plate for Flow Measurement

Optimum installation for accurate flow rate measurement requires sufficient straight run to allow a uniform, non-swirling, fully-developed flow profile within the flow conduit. Eldridge Products has published guidelines for straight run requirements that address common piping configurations including single angular bends, multiple angular bends in and out of plane, pipe size transitions and interference due to other instrumentation. In all cases, it is best to avoid installations which are immediately downstream of bends, abrupt cross-sectional area increases or decreases, fans, louvers, or other equipment installed in the line. These situations can cause non-uniform flow profile disturbances which can cause errors in the flow measurement.

Unfortunately, it is not always possible to avoid problematic piping configurations when selecting a location for installation of a measurement device. To help achieve the best accuracy for flow rate measurement in problematic installations, EPI™ has developed a series of flow conditioning options that incorporate a pair of flow screens to mix or “homogenize” the velocity flow profile within the conduit. The mixed flow eliminates swirls, high and low flow anomolies and most other disturbances that adversely affect the accuracy of the flow meter. In most installations, the required upstream straight run requirements for accurate flow measurement can be reduced to as little as three (3) diameters.

Three Options For Installation In The Process Pipe

All of our Master-Touch™ inline style flow meters for pipes 3/4″ and greater include a pair a flow conditioning screens in the flow section. For insertion style flow meters, we have three options for installation in the process pipe:

  • FSIxxxx* — The conditioning assembly is inserted into the process pipe and welded to the inside of the pipe in the field.
  • FSFxxxx* — The upsteam screen is sized to fit within the bolt hole pattern of connecting flanges. The assembly is held in place by the mated flanges.
  • FSPxxxx* — The conditioning screens are built into a flanged spool piece which is mounted into the process pipe. The spool is available with or without a fitting for mounting an insertion style flow meter using a compression fitting or ball valve assembly.

* “xxxx” is a variable that is used to designate the size of the pipe for the specific installation. Eldridge Products cannot anticipate the complexities of every installation, and it is possible that some additional adjustment to the flow measurement readings may be required to achieve the best results even when using flow conditioners. To this end, the Master-Touch™ firmware supports both C-Factor and Pointwise™ modifications to the linear flow signal. The use of these features is detailed in the Instruction Manuals included on the CD that ships with every order. You can also download the appropriate Manual from this web site by following the Information/Instruction Manuals tab at the top of this page.

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