Series 9000MP Multipoint Thermal Mass Flow Meter


Multipoint Systems are designed to measure gas flows where two or more sensing points are required due to large cross-sectional areas, such as large air intake ducts or air exhaust and flue stacks. These systems can have up to 5 sensors on each probe. Our System Control Panel (SCP) will average all sensors from all probes. Many probes can be connected to one SCP.



Master-Touch™ Series 9000MP Multipoint Flowmeters

9000MP Series Multipoints have not been submitted for agency approval testing

Multipoint Systems are designed to measure gas flows where two or more sensing points are required due to large cross-sectional areas, such as large air intake ducts or air exhaust and flue stacks. Our Series 9000MP Multipoint Systems are installed throughout the world, providing our customers with years of steady, reliable service. Coupled with our new Air Purge System, the Series 9000MP Multipoint Systems are now well-suited to an even greater variety of industrial applications. The probe design supports applications as diverse as ambient air flows in HVAC ducts, exhaust gas in large diameter stacks, boiler NOx efficiency systems and municipal waste incinerators. Our customers include environmental/HVAC system integrators, pulp & paper mills, power & energy companies, etc. across the US, Europe and Asia. The configuration and installation options support facility retrofits as well as the most modern new construction requirements.

The Series 9000MP Multipoint System includes one or more Series 9000MP Probes and a Series 9600MP System Control Panel. The 9000MP flow transmitter probe assembly is the heart of the system. The probe assembly typically has two or more flow sensors mounted in a 1½” OD probe shaft. The 9000MP probe’s sensors are removable for field replacement if one is damaged. Each sensor is matched to its own bridge board and microprocessor to function, in effect, as a complete flow meter. The linearized output signals from the multiple sensor assemblies in each probe are averaged to create one overall probe output signal.

The probe’s averaged output signal is transmitted to a Series 9600MP System Control Panel (SCP). If more than one probe is installed, the output signals from all of the probes are transmitted to the SCP for averaging to create one system output. The System Control Panel (SCP) is housed in a 12″ x 10″ NEMA 4X fiberglass enclosure. The SCP provides the power for the probe assemblies and receives the averaged outputs over a four-wire cable to each probe. It also includes its own microprocessor assembly for system-level control and flow display. The SCP provides two analog output signals (0–5 VDC and 4–20 mA), as well as RS232 & RS485 Modbus RTU communications. The 4–20 mA grand average output can drive up to 1200 ohms.

Optional Air Purge System
The optional Air Purge System (APS) provides a means of cleaning the sensors in applications where particulates cause problems. The frequency and duration of the purge cycle can be controlled externally or by using the Master-Touch™ software. The system can also be set to maintain the flow rate at its level when the purge was activated. This important option preserves the integrity of the flow rate and elapsed total data which might otherwise be compromised by the flow of the purge gas.


Not submitted for approvals at this time.

Linear signal output
0–5 VDC & 4–20 mA (Flow and Temperature)

Event Relay Rating one with Frequency or two, 1 Amp @ 30Vdc (33W)

Signal Interface
RS232 & RS485 Modbus RTU

LCD (flow rate, flow total, gas temperature)

Accuracy, including linearity (Ref.: 21°C)
±(1% of Reading + 0.5% of Full Scale + GTC)

Sensor Repeatability
±0.2% of Full Scale

Sensor response time
1 second

Turn down ratio
100:1 @ 10 SFPM (.051 NMPS) Minimum Reading

Electronics internal temperature range
0° to 50°C (32° to 122°F) Standard
-40° to 60°C (-40° to 140°F) Optional temperature range

Gas temperature range
-40° to 200°C (-40° to 392°F), consult factory for extended ranges

Gas temperature coefficient (GTC)
0.02% Full Scale/°C

Pressure rating maximum
25 PSI Std.

9600MP input power requirement
24VDC @ 250mA
115 VAC 50/60 Hz optional
230 VAC 50/60 Hz optional

9600MP Control Panel power requirements
5 watts maximum

9600MP Control Panel enclosure
NEMA 4X fiberglass, 11.5″ x 13″ x 6″

9000MP Probe Assembly enclosure
NEMA 4X fiberglass, 9.13″ x 11.13″ x 5.5″ flanged

Wetted materials
316 Stainless Steel

Standard temperature & pressure (STP)
70°F & 29.92″ Hg (Air .075 lb./cubic foot)

NIST traceable calibration

NOTE: Specifications subject to change without notice.

Product Details

Below image shows the “optional” gas purge connection on the flange.

Below image shows the “optional” purge tube that runs along the probe and blows purge gas onto the sensor for cleaning built up residue.

Below image shows 4 Multipoint probes with two sensors each. Each sensor is positioned in an equal quadrant area. All probes are connected to our System Control Panel (SCP) which averages the output for all sensors.

9002MP = 2 sensor probe
9003MP = 3 sensor probe
9004MP = 4 sensor probe
9005MP = 5 sensor probe (max 5 sensors per probe)

Each sensor uses roughly .125 amps.

Below is an example of four 9004MP probes used to span the cross section for equal concentric areas of the below duct to accommodate an unknown flow profile in an application which does not have the necessary upstream and downstream straight run. All sensors are then averaged to provide the flow rate of the duct.