Series 8200MPHT Insertion Remote Thermal Mass Flow Meter High Temperature


The EPI Model 8200MPHT series meters are great for high temperature applications where a remote enclosure is required.

All EPI flow meters are equipped with a robust feature set with a wide selection of standard and normalized units of measure and come with field validation at no extra charge.


Master-Touch™ Series 8200MP Flow Meters

MP Series flow meters are approved for use in hazardous locations (see specifications)

Insertion style thermal mass flow meters include a sensor & probe assembly that is inserted into the process gas flow conduit to allow the process gas to flow across the flow sensing elements. Our insertion style flow meters are available with 1/2″, 3/4″, or 1″ OD probes. Tube fittings and ball valve retractor assemblies, with or without a mounting flange, are also available from the factory as options. The tube length must be specified upon ordering.  For other probe diameters and lengths, please consult the factory.

Remote style thermal mass flow meters utilize two enclosures. One enclosure is mounted at the point of measurement on the flow section or on the probe assembly. This enclosure may be rated for either hazardous environments or for ordinary, non-hazardous environments, as necessary. The second (remote) enclosure is usually placed in a readily accessible location rated for non-hazardous conditions. (Contact the factory for information concerning remote explosion-proof enclosure). The remote enclosure includes the all of the electrical connections as well as the linearizing electronics and the display/keypad assembly. Only a four-wire, twisted-pair cable is required to carry the input power and flow signal between the two enclosures.

Thermal mass flow meters use the principle of convective heat transfer to directly measure mass flow. EPI’s proprietary thermal mass flow sensors use two ratiometrically-matched, reference-grade platinum Resistance Temperature Detectors (RTDs). The platinum sensing element wire is encapsulated in a 316 Stainless Steel sheath or, if specified, a Hastelloy C sheath. Our microcontroller operated smart sensor technology preferentially heats one RTD; the other RTD acts as the temperature reference. The process gas flow dissipates heat from the first RTD, causing an increase in the power required to maintain a balance between the RTDs. This increase is directly related to the gas molecular rate of flow. Our sensors are temperature compensated for a wide process gas temperature range and insensitive to pressure changes, so the output signal is a true mass flow rate signal.

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