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Industrial Applications for Meters

Just a few… Industrial Thermal Mass Flow Meters Applications.

In general, thermal flow meters can be used to measure virtually any gas flow. Restrictions apply, of course, but thermal flow meters have been used in the following applications and industries — and continue to be used every day:

Automotive Industry

Compressed air monitoring • Natural Gas consumption • Powder paint air flow • Paint booth/paint oven ventilation

Utility Services

Electric, gas, water works & sewage plants, for monitoring and control of:
Stack or flue gas • Waste water aeration • Ventilation systems • Digester gas • Gas flows • Nitrogen purge • Combustion air • Boiler inlet air

Petroleum & Gas Industries

Landfill gas recovery • Flare gas measurement • Gas mixing • Gas quality studies • Leak testing


Heating, ventilation & air conditioning for: Air balancing • Duct flows • Energy conservation • Fume hoods • Clean rooms • Laminar flow benches

Laboratory and R & D

Flow research • Biomedical studies • University studies • Toxicology studies • Energy studies • Industrial Hygiene • Occupational Safety • Experimentation

Raw Materials Industries

Pulp & paper mills • Mining • Semiconductor manufacturing * Chemical processing • Primary metals • Plastics & synthetics

Food Processing

Drying air • Ventilation systems • Boiler inlet air • Exhaust gas • Process control • Compressor lines • PET blow molding

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